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Kellogg Eye Center - Center for International Ophthalmology

Institution Name: U of Michigan
Street Address: 1000 Wall Street
City: Ann Arbor
State: Michigan
Zip Code: 48105
Country: United States
Program description: About the Kellogg Eye Center - Center for International Ophthalmology What do we do? Promote and coordinate international clinical and research activities at the Kellogg Eye Center Provide assistance in organizing interviews, lectures, and hosting for visitors Place U/M medical students in international ophthalmology programs in collaboration with the U/M Medical School's Center for Global Reach and the dean's office Place U/M ophthalmology residents in international ophthalmology rotations in collaboration with the Ophthalmology program director and other faculty members Coordinate clinical observerships for ophthalmologists and ophthalmologists-in-training Coordinate laboratory experiences for vision scientists Assist Kellogg Eye Center faculty in arrangements for academic travel abroad
Contact Name: Donna Donato
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