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  • Himalayan Cataract Project_Bonsaaso Part I
  • Himalayan Cataract Project_Bonsaaso Part II
  • Impossible | Geoffrey Tabin | TEDxJacksonHole
  • Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery MSICS (SICS) - Dr.S.Ma (Case ID 123007)
  • SICS in IMC Hydroexpression- Dr Prathmesh Mehta.mpg
  • What to do when- Steps to Manage Complication during Manual SICS Surgery by Dr Prathmesh Mehta

Can ophthalmologists save lives?

Can ophthalmologists save lives?

Don't miss this exciting video produced by PBS in their series called Rx for Survival.  This feature tells the story of how Dr. Al Sommer while studying night blindness discovered how important Vitamin A was in childhood and maternal

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