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This is a must read for anyone volunteering in Developing Countries.  It is a compilation of many authors regarding important topics for international volunteerism.  This includes topics such as:


Making Lasting Changes in Eye Care in Poor Countries - Susan Lewallen

Barriers which keep patients from getting Cataract Surgery - Paul Courtright

Self-Sustaining Cataract Surgical Programs - David Green

Cataract Surgery Technique in Non-Industrialized Countries - Marty Spencer, Baxter McLendon

Management of Glaucoma in Developing Countries - James Standefer

Basics of Trachoma for Volunteers - Susan Lewallen

Childhood Blindess in Developing Countries - Clare Gilbert

Vitamin A Deficiency - Alfred Sommer

Potential and Problems with Donated Equipment, Supplies and Medications - Harry Brown

International Organizations Which Fight Blindness - Victoria Sheffield


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before you go


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