Wow - an adventure?

elephantsThe world is a changing place and the change is rapid!  If you haven't traveled outside of your comfy homestate or country, believe me, you are likely to be surprised!



There are many ways in which the world is rapidly changing and many adventures await.  Just remember, many of the adventures may not be what you planned for:

The iPhone and smartphones are essentially endemic in the developing world.

Internet cafes allow nearly anyone to access.

Airports aren't as friendly for oversized bags or too many bags even for charity.

Local ministries of health don't appreciate not being consulted.

Traveling may not be as safe for Americans in many parts of the world.

Local ophthalmologists may be unhappy to have doctors coming into their territory performing free surgery.  (how would you like Chinese doctors coming into your town doing free surgery and leaving town in a week?)


However, please don't let these changing times catch you off guard!  The challenges and adventures that await are certainly worthwhile but must be understood as you embark on your endeavor.


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