Where in the world?

worldWhere in the world is Djibouti?  Where is Nauru or Namibia?


The options are seemingly unlimited?  Here are some questions that you may want to answer as well:



Are there eyecare needs in your local community that are unmet for underserved?

With so many needs around you in your field, how does one decide which is the best one?

Am I wanting to go overseas to serve or to see the world and in what percentage is each driving the wagon?

Would you consider going to the same place multiple times and investing in one particular area?


Many ophthalmologists have discovered that the greatest difference is made when an investment in one area is made over many years.  Another way to look at it is that often (not always), repeated short term traveling to many sites is more about what one receives from it and not what is actually done.  The corrollary is that repeated short term traveling to one site is more about what is done than what one receives.


Due to the fact, that as of yet, the need for curing preventable blindness is still an "all hands on deck" ballgame, we encourage everyone to get involved and find out where in the world would be the niche that is carved for you given your unique skills, background, family situation and desires.  We would define the best involvement as "finding your niche" in terms of how you will use the skills you have learned and have been given.  


Will you concentrate on teaching?

Will you bring technicians with you to train others?

Will you continue intercultural exchange after you are gone via email, skype and more?

Are you committed for the long haul or is your season short?


We would love for you to share where you are excited about serving and helping in our forum or in the blog for the entire community!


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