Should you go?

doorNow - that is the right question!!

Well, why would you want to go?

Where do you want to go?

With who are you going to go?

What will you do when you go?



Don't you hate it when your parents used to answer a question with another question?


Actually, the truth is that the answers to these questions are really key in your discerning if serving a population outside of your normal comfort zone is really something that you should be investing time into or not.


Many of us considered the eye care field due to the fact that we discerned that we could actually help folks world wide in a "big" way.  While there is truth in this discernment, there is also truth in recognizing that we may actually not be prepared to be as helpful as we think we should be.  


Have you researched the area that you may consider going to help?

Do you know the population demographics, something about the culture or specific area?

Do you know the language?

Are you planning to work with a well developed network, clinic or hospital?

Are you prepared from a medical standpoint or from a surgical standpoint?

Do you have the financial support to go for the length of time that you are considering?


There are many questions that we know here at are very important.  Please join us in the forum for beginning your search for answers utilizing the resources within our community!


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