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My experience learning small incision cataract surgery

At clinio privado de irapauto

Teacher:  Dr. Leopoldo Garduño


My name is Dr. Alan Edwards

I am presently doing my fellowshipin vitreo and retinal surgery at instituto de la vision, Montemorelos, Mexico.

While I was in my final year as a resident, I was offered an opportunity to do a rotation with Dr. Leopoldo Garduño to learn small incision cataract surgery called by him – Phaco without phaco (faco sin faco)

This technique is very save, done in the same time as an expert phacoemulsification surgeon and only requires one month for mastering.  The postoperative results are the same as a well done phacoemulsification surgery, yet the cost is significantly less.  Even for residents that are presently in a program that does mainly phacoemulsification will find their learning curve cut by 50% after learning this small incision technique.

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