Postmark July 28, 2015

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The team returned to Mingende after our expedition to Mount Wilhelm. It was a bittersweet day. We knew we had to say goodbye to our patients as we discharge them home on postoperative day 5. We also had to say goodbye to the staff. Dr. Maggie had seen some of the patients without us in the morning and made good use of the camera I left with her. We reviewed the post operative photos and determined that all the ptosis patients were doing well and protecting their corneas (a major complication we were hoping to avoid).

It was now time for the bandages to come off for Singha. There was joy as we removed the tight bandage and although she was swollen, she was happy with the new look of her face! After saying goodbye to the staff and the remaining patients, we got back into the ambulance from Goroka Regional Hospital and our long two day journey home began.

PostmarkJuly282015 Pic2 EditedPostmarkJuly282015 Pic3 EditedWe formed lifelong relationships with our friends at Mingende and I cannot wait to return to check up on our patients next year!